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Instrumental Experience since 1984 "Gregrex and the reggaedelics"
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May I present my new album:
"Gregrex RogerG
ten years"

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tr name   genre time

bombay night

indian ambient 3:21
02 rivers reggae 3:09
03 all i wanna do is music funk, R'n'B 4:14
04 p-funk funk 2:06
05 the man with the hollow tooth reggae 3:18
06 the other night indian ambient 2:10
07 pani hip hop funk, hiphop 3:19
08 trance indian ambient 2:35
09 funk it up funk 3:20
10 feel the fonk funk 3:56
11 show funk, R'n'B 4:52
12 trust funk 4:40
13 reggae gipsy reggae 3:05
14 in bagsu home reggae 2:49
15 coffee power indian ambient 1:54
16 the last mumbai indian ambient 5:54
17 dub now dub reggae 6:35
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With 17 tracks during 60 minutes as well as three different musical styles, this album is a
versatile musical trip through territories of the funk music, reggae music and the electronic music.
This Album is characterized by the sounds of the voice with lyrics together with Fender pianos and guitars. The range of instruments is even wider. One special guest, Diego Morales, joins up on „this stage“ with his psychedelic guitar style.

After the release of my debut album "Gregrex indian ambient d&b" in the year 2002,
I started out to a musical journey of discovery in India where I composed the new album.
Subsequently followed a number of live acts with my bands under the name of Gregrex and ROGER-G. The compositions have grown and matured, and now the album is here!

Now enjoy to give a listen to my music!




All tracks composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Gregrex RogerG.

Guest: Diego Morales plays guitar
in track 04 p-funk, 07 pani hiphop.

Cover artwork by Gregrex RogerG

Many thanks to the owners and to my friends of the view cafe in Baghsu village at Dharamsala India, who listened alot and gave their opinion to the first takes of these songs!

Style: Funk, Reggae, Electronic
Composed: Gregrex RogerG
Produced: Gregrex RogerG
Mastered: Gregrex RogerG Studios
Released: May 22nd 2014

GR-0214-06 | ©SUISA

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