Gregor Hutmacher

Stegstrasse 4, 8820 Wädenswil
078 804 40 50, gh(at)
Instrumental Experience since 1984 "Gregrex and the reggaedelics"
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Gregrex RogerG - ten years

Mein neues Album „Gregrex RogerG – ten years“ ist da.
Mit 17 Tracks in 60 Minuten sowie drei verschiedenen musikalischen Stilrichtungen ist
dieses Album eine vielseitige musikalische Reise durch Gebiete des Funk, des Reggae
und der elektronischen Musik. Gesang mit Lyrics sowie Fender Pianos und Gitarren prägen
das Album, das Spektrum an Instrumenten ist aber weiter. Ein Special Guest, Diego Morales,
an der psychodelischen Gitarre tritt bei zwei Tracks mit auf diese „Bühne“.

Das Album ist in 250 Online Stores wie z.B. im I-Tunes Store erhältlich.

Nach der Veröffentlichung meines Debüt Albums "Gregrex indian ambient d&b" im Jahr 2002,
habe ich mich auf eine musikalische Entdeckungsreise nach Indien begeben und dort das neue Album komponiert. Darauf folgten mehrere Jahre mit Live-Auftritten mit meinen Bands
unter dem Namen Gregrex und ROGER-G. Die Kompositionen sind gewachsen und gereift, und nun ist das Album da!

Auskunft über meine musikalischen Werke findet ihr auf meiner offiziellen Website unter:

Nun wünsche ich euch viel Spass beim reinhören!


My new Album „Gregrex RogerG – ten years“ is here.
With 17 tracks during 60 minutes as well as three different musical styles, this album is a
versatile musical trip through territories of the funk music, reggae music and the electronic music.
This Album is characterized by the sounds of the voice with lyrics together with Fender pianos and guitars. The range of instruments is even wider. One special guest, Diego Morales, joins up on „this stage“ with his psychedelic guitar style.

Available in 250 online stores like I-tunes store.

After the release of my debut album "Gregrex indian ambient d&b" in the year 2002,
I started out to a musical journey of discovery in India where I composed the new album.
Subsequently followed a number of live acts with my bands under the name of Gregrex and ROGER-G. The compositions have grown and matured, and now the album is here!

For details about my musical works go to my official website:

Now enjoy to give a listen to my music!


1 bombay night indian ambient 03:21
2 rivers reggae 03:09
3 all I wanna do is music funk, R'n'B 04:14
4 p funk funk 02:06
5 the man with the hollow tooth reggae 03:18
6 the other night indian ambient 02:10
7 pani hiphop funk, hiphop 03:19
8 trance indian ambient 02:35
9 funk it up funk 03:20
10 feel the fonk funk 03:56
11 show funk, R'n'B 04:52
12 trust funk 04:40
13 reggae gipsy reggae 03:05
14 in bagsu home reggae 02:49
15 coffee power indian ambient 01:54
16 the last mumbai indian ambient 05:54
17 dub now dub reggae 06:46

Style: Funk, Reggae, Electronic
Composed: Gregrex RogerG
Produced: Gregrex RogerG
Mastered: Gregrex RogerG Studios
Released: February 28th 2014

GR-0214-06 | ©SUISA






Mein erstes Album als ROGER-G


style: p-funkapop
music/lyrics composed,
performed and recorded: roger-g
produced, mixed and mastered: martin villiger (

With a great desire to play this song I produced „wave of love“, which also is the first production under my new artist name „Roger-G“.
Voice and Instruments are recorded live and performed by myself.
The song is EAN/ISRC coded and is made for airplay and free to download.
I sent the song to over hundred different radio stations in twentyfour different countries around the globe.

RG-0606-06 | ©SUISA





Veröffentlichung meines dritten Albums.als GREGREX


sound style: roots reggae
music composed/produced: gregrex

„... once upon a time - a man- with a hollow tooth
in the hollow tooth a box - in the box a letter
in the letter - it said - there was ...“

The song I composed in 2003 in India.
The rime in the song is a children‘s rime in Switzerland,Swiss German, which I translated to english and spoke onto the song.
This song is now a part of my new album Gregrex RogerG - ten years

GR-0704-05 | ©SUISA



GREGREX indian ambient d&b

Veröffentlichung ’ GREGREX indian ambient d&b“
Es folgen Liveauftritte und Vermarktung der CD durch die schweizer Musikindustrie.

fullmoon 2:15 | riksha drive 6:34 | pani radio 3:16 | deeper 6:10
inside* 7:51 | satellite 12:15 | pani 11:24 | sphere 11:26

style: indian ambient d & b
composed: gregrex/roger-g
produced: martin villiger
mastered: greenwoods studios
released: december 8th 2002

My debut album came out after a four month time of kneeling into this project whenever i could. All tracks are played by gregrex, except the piano in „inside“, played by Martin Villiger. It has been called an independent production as well as an ambient record for lounges. Find out what it is to you.

„gregrex, indianambientd& b“ is still available in the swiss market, find dealer on my website.
„gregrex, indian ambient d & b“ is a mix of indian ambient and electronic keys and drums. It‘s improvised, meditativ and still with kicks. Beats and melodies consisting of the same source / archetypes of music and fit together nicely.
„gregrex, indian ambient d & b“ is a little world of musical pictures.

GR-1202-03 | ©SUISA




Komposition von ‚never give up’und Veröffentlichung meines ersten Albums.

never give up | improvisation on melody | improvisation ON rhythms

style: western/indian classical
composition, cover, engineering: gregrex/roger-g
released: february 26 1999
instruments: sitar/voice (thomas krattinger), cello (michael stephan),
violine (christoph heeb), tabla (walter schönenberger)

Recorded February 2nd 1999 in „höli“ scherz, analogue and digital mastering February 16th and 21st 1999.
Special thanks to the musicians, who played for free with great interest and engagement. Also thanks to my mother who cooked, my brother who provided the computer, the settlement „höli“ who offered room for recording and Zoran Knezevic who hired the audio-equipment.

During the time of six month I was finding the right combinations of many variations of the beginning of this piece. I noted it in musical keys to pass it on to the musicians. During another two month I organized place, timing, equipment and musicians to record the piece, and I designed cover, booklet and box for the metal tape version. The musicians played the piece together at once, followed by an improvisation on the main melody and another improvisation on the rhythmic patterns of the piece.